Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jacob Quotes

He's 100% Boy
After nap..."My want to tackle somebody."

Potty Training
Following is a dialogue between Jacob and I about his struggle with going poopie on the toilet instead of in his underpants:

Mommy:  "Jacob, why don't you go poopie on the toilet?"

Jacob:  "My scared of walrus."

Mommy:  "There's no walrus in our toilets!"

Jacob:  "My just pretending!"

A few days later, because yes we are still not pooping in the toilet and the washer is crying for a break:)

Mommy:  "Jacob, why don't you go poopie on the toilet?"

Jacob:  "Because my don't want to get pinched."

Mommy:  "Oh, is the toilet seat pinching you?"

Jacob:  "No, by the alligators!"

Ha!  We may never see poopie in the toilet.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ryan Pics

More up to date pics of Ryan were requested, so here are a few.  He has the biggest grin and has certainly stolen his momma's heart.

Asleep with legs straight up in the air.  Doesn't look comfortable to me.

Love that wide-mouthed grin!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Last week at the Christmas tree farm.

Jacob hanging his tractor ornament.

My cold is keeping me from one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season...the smell of a freshly cut tree.  Hopefully my cold will end before the smell goes away!  We finally managed to get ours up and decorated yesterday after cutting it down over a week ago.  With the addition of a second child this year, our family room is increasingly cramped so we opted for a rather small 5 foot tree.  When you grew up with a Christmas tree between 8 and 10 feet tall this is quite a shocking difference, but it fits perfectly in the one spot available and it is holding all of the most important ornaments.  Each year I buy Jacob and now Ryan a new ornament.  Ryan's is a Winnie-the-Pooh 1st Christmas.  Jacob was with me when I bought them so he picked his out:  a John Deere Tractor.  I thought he would go for the fire engine, but tractor it is!

Ryan watching me hang his Winnie-the-Pooh ornament.
As we set out our nativity scene, Mitch did a great job telling the Christmas story and trying to explain to Jacob why we celebrate Christmas.  I think Jacob was much more concerned about whether or not he was allowed to play with the porcelain sheep, but hopefully if we tell the story enough one day he will understand.  I always begin this season trying to focus on Christ, and even more now that we have children.  It is a challenge to keep that focus with all the hussle and bustle that comes with family get togethers, shopping, wrapping, baking, etc.  I love to hear what other families do to keep their focus on Christ.  My new question for people is whether or not they did the whole Santa thing.  I'm not sure I'm ready to share my thoughts on this because I'm not sure we've decided.  I think we can get away with one more year of ignoring it before we are going to have to commit to one way or the other.  Jacob is old enough however to understand birthdays so this has helped him begin to understand what Christmas is about.  I think I would like to have a birthday cake and celebrate Christ's birthday on Christmas day.  We'll see what unfolds as we get closer to the big day!  In the meantime, I will try to meditate on the fantastic act of my God sending his Son to be a baby, child, teen, and then man who is now my Savior and King.  How many times have we heard the story?  I hope this season I can find a refreshed awe for this incredible miracle.

Jacob could almost put the star on himself!!



Friday, December 3, 2010

Children's Museum

I guess I'll just jump right in to this whole blog thing.  I've been considering doing this for a while and finally have taken the here it goes.  What a better way to start than with a trip to the Children's Museum?!?  We weren't sure if it would be worth our time with a 4 month old and a 2 and a half year old, but we really had a good time.  Jacob loved exploring the many exhibits that allow you to do with sand, water, construction equipment, trains, etc.  I even got him to go down the Yule Slide with me!  Weeee!  The gift shop is amazing and although I'm sure it is overpriced, there are some really unique toys in there.  We will be keeping that in mind for birthday and Christmas gifts in the future.  Enjoy some snapshots from our day out with Dad.