Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ryan 7 Months

 Thank you Mama for taking my cutie bug pictures!!

Everything was all smiles until the
bubbles came out. He was so serious!

Check out the eyebrow.  Ha!

You Want to Buy What??

When I started this blog, Mitch had a dream (and still does) of purchasing a circa 1950's Chevy truck to work on and refurbish.  Love this idea and still hope to someday see this happen.  This was sort of the inspiration for the title of our blog (along with the fact that a lot of other things were already in use!).

Well, time has passed and dreams have changed a he wants a motorcycle.  I guess at least it still goes with the theme, right?  So being the loving, supporting wife that God is molding me into, I am ROLLING with it.  So after he takes his training class at the beginning of June, we might just be rolling around town on a Harley!  Yikes!  Never thought those words would even creep into my brain let alone come out of my mouth.  I know it will be fun and something for my hubby and I to enjoy together.  I'll keep you posted!